Hillsborough School District found lead in its water, didn’t tell parents for a year.

Patrick Anding stands with his wife, Lakesha, and nine-year-old son DáVeon near their home across from Foster Elementary School. Patrick Anding was angry when he learned that the district kept lead test results from parents and teachers.

DáVeon’s behavior began to change after he went to Foster. The family wishes it had been told sooner about the school’s lead testing.

The Hillsborough County School District didn’t tell parents for more than a year that it was discovering high levels of lead in some schools’ drinking water, a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found. The district announced the results last week, three days after the Times began asking teachers and principals whether they knew about the lead levels in their classrooms.

By then it had ignored for 16 months federal recommendations that said it should disclose the testing.

It still hasn’t released the vast majority of test results, including more than 70 showing lower levels of lead that researchers say still can be dangerous for children.

Many of the high results were in water fountains that teachers and students drink from every day. Others were in kitchens, where food cooked in lead-tainted water can easily soak up dangerous levels of the poison, experts say. […]

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Hillsborough School District found lead in its water, didn’t tell parents for a year.
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Hillsborough School District found lead in its water, didn’t tell parents for a year.
Hillsborough School District didn't tell parents for over a year that it was finding high levels of lead in some schools' drinking water. Tampa Bay, Florida
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Tampa Bay Times
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