ACLU Wants Flint Kids Screened for Impact of Lead

Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan want a federal judge to order state and Flint education officials to screen and evaluate all Flint schoolchildren for health and education disabilities stemming from the lead water crisis.

photo: blood being drawn - the ACLU wants Flint kids screened for impact of lead

The ACLU of Michigan filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a group of Flint schoolchildren last October, alleging ongoing violations of disability laws by the Michigan Department of Education and Flint Community Schools. The group said the additional demands the lead crisis places on the education system, specifically to identify and serve affected children, requires state and local authorities to take immediate steps to fulfill their legal obligations.

On Monday, ACLU attorneys filed a motion asking U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Tarnow to issue a preliminary injunction ordering education officials to evaluate all children in Flint for possible disabilities in ways recommended by experts through a screening and neuropsychological evaluation process. In the motion, attorneys for the ACLU say lead’s presence in the blood is transient, and the window for detection through blood lead level testing is short-lived. “The use of blood testing as a barometer of harm at this juncture is thus foreclosed. While lead dissipates in […]

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ACLU Wants Flint Kids Screened for Impact of Lead
Article Name
ACLU Wants Flint Kids Screened for Impact of Lead
ACLU Michigan asks court to order school officials to evaluate all Flint children for possible disabilities related to lead in ways recommended by experts.
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Detroit News
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