Ripple Effect: Things We Can Do

Resources, tips, and stories about the choices and projects we can make as individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Suggestions welcome!

Primum non nocere.
First, do no harm.

In a world that’s facing complex issues, we may underestimate the impact of our personal choices. When our biggest challenges call for national, international, and regional solutions, it’s easy to forget the things we can do.


Leave nothing but footprints.

Citizen Science

Take the WaterSense Challenge

Find and fix residential water leaks, in the home and the landscaping. You might save enough water for 300 loads of laundry! Learn about the WaterSense challenge.

Teach Them Well

Water is one of the essential elements of life, so it’s important to teach your kids how to respect and preserve it. With some tips under your belt, teaching your kids how to save water should be a breeze.

Educational resources for grade school teachers and classroom uses everywhere, from the San Diego County Water Authority, including posters and videos about water.

Beg, Borrow, or Steal These Resources

Also from the water-wise folks at the semi-arid San Diego County Water Authority, their “Live WaterSmart!” program. Its motto is, “Discover ways to adopt a WaterSmart lifestyle.” Their indoor/outdoor tips and tools can help people just about anywhere.

The Last Plastic Straw

Strives to educate the public about the absurdity of single use plastic, its effects on our health, our environment, and our oceans. We aim to eliminate from the source, the use of single use plastic.

Clean Water at Home?

Treat the water coming into your home with the help of this handy guide to water filters.

Donate Your Birthday

We know people who do this to benefit animal rescue, raising both money and awareness. Here, charity:water will help you to support water causes with 100% of your birthday money. It’s easy to begin — just pledge your birthday by using this form.

100+ Ways to Conserve Water

“There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.”
from Water — Use It Wisely

See the interactive infographic by Water — Use It Wisely:

Are You in Hot Water?

It might not save water, but it will save energy while cleaning your conscience as well as your clothes. And it’s easy. Just don’t wash your clothes in hot water. New detergents and other tech means heating water for laundry is just, well, money down the drain.

Last But, We Hope, Not Least…

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