NGWA Volunteer opportunities

For questions please contact Trisha Freeman,

The National Ground Water Association depends on volunteers to help move the professions forward. The Association has created a set of groups that are: purposeful, offer advice to the NGWA Board of Directors, selective in appointing its members, and operate in conjunction with the overall goals of the Association. Select the way(s) you have an interest in serving NGWA then fill out the application form below.

Volunteers are integral to NGWA’s vitality. NGWA provides opportunities for members to share information and real-world experiences to advance the groundwater professions including, but not limited to:

  • Committees, subcommittees, and task forces
  • Writing articles for our publications
  • Reviewing papers for conferences
  • Presenting at conferences, webinars, short courses, brown bag sessions, and town halls
  • Participating in the consensus process for standard development and best suggested practices
  • Being part of groundwater’s voice to the U.S. national government

Volunteers must be NGWA members who are willing to:

  • Participate in scheduled meetings
  • Meet deadlines
  • Attend and promote events related to goal
  • Notify NGWA when you are unable to attend meetings and events
  • Serve as an NGWA representative in the groundwater industry

Unsure you can be a successful volunteer? […]