Water Stewardship 101: The Basics (BETA)

Water Stewardship 101: The Basics (BETA)

This course provides an overview of the most essential elements of corporate water stewardship. It allows businesses and others to better understand:

  • The world’s water challenges and how they affect businesses
  • The business case for water stewardship
  • A typical company’s water stewardship journey
  • How to get started

Ultimately, this course offers a quick introduction to the key information businesses need to know about stewardship: what it is, whether and how … [more…]

How an Old Law Is Helping Fight New Plastic Problems

How an Old Law Is Helping Fight New Plastic Problems

New legislative efforts to ban plastics are important, but a recent court ruling in Texas reminds us that enforcing existing laws is a crucial part of the plastics fight.

On October 15 a federal court approved the largest citizen-suit settlement ever awarded under the Clean Water Act: $50 million.

A fourth-generation Texas shrimper, Diane Wilson, used the citizen suit provision of the Clean Water Act to sue the petrochemical manufacturer … [more…]

Underwater Speakers Help Revive Dying Coral Reefs

Underwater Speakers Help Revive Dying Coral Reefs, Study Finds

Photo: Soft Coral Scolymia, Getty

As coral reefs die they become silent graveyards, however, the introduction of underwater loudspeakers brings new life and helps to rejuvenate the coral reefs.

A recently published paper in Nature Communications highlights research focused on the impact of playing sounds around dead or dying corals. The findings were a pleasant surprise in the future conservation and recovery of coral reefs.

The researchers weren’t playing Kesha … [more…]

“Our Mother Earth”: Pope Francis’ New Book

Book cover of Nuestra Madre la Tierra (Our Mother the Earth)

Pope Francis’ new book, “Our Mother Earth,” will be published by the Vatican Publishing House [Libreria Editrice Vaticana] on October 24, 2019, reported Vatican News.

With a Prologue written by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, the work is a compilation of the addresses, messages and homilies in which Pope Francis refers to the defense of the environment and appeals for the promotion of a worthy life for all … [more…]

Solar and wind energy preserve groundwater for drought, agriculture

Solar and wind energy preserve groundwater for drought, agriculture

Using drought-prone California as a case study, a research team shows that increased solar and wind energy can reduce the reliance on hydropower, especially during drought. Credit: Egan Jimenez, Princeton University

Solar and wind farms are popping up around the country to lower carbon emissions, and these renewables also have another important effect: keeping more water in the ground.

A new Princeton University-led study in Nature Communications is among the … [more…]