What Happened To The Water On Mars?

meme about water on Mars

As most of us know, water is a pretty darn essential part of existence on this planet. In fact, it is believed that liquid water was a critical aspect that led to the spark of life on Earth. Now, however, humanity has turned its eyes to the stars, or at least to the other planets in our solar system. Colonizing Mars used to be the stuff of science fiction, but … [more…]

In the Heart of the Corn Belt, an Uphill Battle for Clean Water

photo: In the Heart of the Corn Belt, an Uphill Battle for Clean Water

Iowa State Senator David Johnson has led the fight to reduce agricultural pollution of the state’s waters. Casey Beck

Runoff from farms and feedlots has badly polluted Iowa’s waterways, more than half of which do not meet federal quality standards. Now, an unlikely coalition is calling for stricter controls to clean up the drinking water sources for millions of the state’s residents.

“Health trumps politics,” said Iowa State Senator David … [more…]

‘We Need Answers’: Hurricane Michael Leaves Florida Residents Desperate for Aid

photo: residents collect food and supplies from damaged businesses. ‘We Need Answers’: Hurricane Michael Leaves Florida Residents Desperate for Aid

People salvaged supplies from a destroyed business the day after Hurricane Michael made landfall. Credit: Eric Thayer for The New York Times

PANAMA CITY, Fla. — It was two days after Hurricane Michael, and Eddie Foster was pushing his mother in a wheelchair down a thoroughly smashed street, his face creased with a concentrated dose of the frustration and fear that has afflicted much of the Florida Panhandle since the … [more…]

Plan for Colorado River draws on Blue Mesa, Flaming Gorge reservoirs

photo: low water level in reservoir. Plan to slow creeping Colorado River crisis could drain more water from Blue Mesa, Flaming Gorge reservoirs

Historic proposal to create a conservation bank of water in Lake Powell fed by reservoirs in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico would protect the withering Powell and requires approval of eight states and the federal government

Nearly two decades into a pervasive drought that has more to do with a warming climate than precipitation, the seven states that rely on the Colorado River are nearing completion of a seven-year … [more…]

New water tests in Houston find cancer-causing chromium 6

photo: water from a kitchens tap - is it safe? New water tests in Houston show presence of cancer-causing chromium 6

HOUSTON – The numbers are in and there’s no denying it: People in Houston are drinking chromium 6. Scientists agree that at a certain point – chromium 6 can cause cancer.

What remains up for debate is whether the amount in our water is harmful.

While chromium 6 can be found in small amounts across the city, the ZIP code testing highest has us returning year after year to 77099.… [more…]