Disposable Fashion Is Growing, and It’s Hell on the Environment

photo: Fast Fashion

Photo: Disposable clothing is part of a trend toward fast fashion, in which companies market an ever-changing array of apparel based on 50 to 100 “micro seasons” a year.

One response is sustainably conscious and “circularly” produced clothing.

When she was younger, Katherine Nation recalls going on shopping binges at Forever 21 and H&M to spend all the cash she’d received on Christmas or her birthday. Now an eighteen-year-old student, … [more…]

Flood-Resilient Homes in Pakistan: A Traditional Future

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect and one of the most successful providers of disaster relief shelters in the world. She has built more than 36,000 houses for victims of floods and earthquakes in Pakistan since 2010.

Lari once built giant concrete and steel buildings for clients such as the Pakistani State Oil company. But when disaster struck in 2005, she turned to traditional techniques to design flood and … [more…]

Jordan’s Water Wise Women

Jordan is going through a severe drought. Groundwater reserves are being depleted at an alarming rate and around 40 percent of the water distributed to homes across the country is lost through illegal wells and faulty pipes. According to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, it is estimated that by 2025 Jordan’s water needs will exceed its resources by more than 26 percent.

Empowering citizens to make responsible water usage … [more…]

New Zealand: Polluted Paradise

New Zealand’s pristine and abundant rivers and lakes have long been central to its proud reputation as a land of breath-taking natural beauty – and fundamental to a clean, green, outdoorsy brand that attracted millions of foreign visitors every year.

But are its waterways really as sparkling and bountiful as the tourist ads suggest?

In this two-part investigation, People and Power raises troubling questions about what can happen when a [more…]

The Colorado River: A Lifeline Running Dry

A drought in the western United States created a battle over resources, as private landowners compete with the public over access to freshwater supplies.

In April of 2015, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, announced a series of mandatory restrictions, forcing residents to reduce their water usage by 25 percent in the coming year. But despite playing a massive role in depleting local water supplies, the state’s powerful agriculture industry has been … [more…]