Trump rolls back decades of Clean Water Act protections

Trump rolls back decades of Clean Water Act protections

American bullfrog floating at the surface of a farm pond in Kentucky USA

The Trump administration has taken aim at removing environmental federal protections for wetlands and isolated streams from pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a proposal redefining US waters under the Clean Water Act.

Farm and agriculture lobbyists have pushed for these changes since 2015.

But environmentalists say they could result in contaminating millions of acres of waters … [more…]

Another Benefit of Renewable Energy: It Uses Practically No Water Compared to Fossil Fuels

photo: solar power cells installed, replacing fossil fuels energy sources

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently highlighted a little-discussed benefit of using renewables like wind and solar to produce electricity: Unlike most power sources, they require “almost no water.”

This is remarkable because thermoelectric power generation is the leading use of water in America. (That said, only three percent of power generation’s 133 billion gallons a day of water is considered “consumptive use,” as the U.S. Geological Survey says, “meaning … [more…]

Everything you need to know about water

photo: water faucet

In developing countries, 20 litres of water is enough to meet basic drinking, cooking and hand washing needs. Image: REUTERS/Aly Song

Water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. It covers over two thirds of the planet’s surface, makes up around 70% of the human body and is essential for life. For many people a consistent supply of clean, safe water is on tap. But for many others … [more…]

Nuclear Reactor Wastewater Will End Up In Beaver Lake

Signage for Beaver Lake, Nuclear Reactor Wastewater

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Fayetteville City Council on Wednesday approved dumping wastewater from the site of a former nuclear reactor into the city’s sewer system.

The water will eventually flow into Beaver Lake, our area’s main source for drinking water.

One city council member thinks it’s a bad idea, but others claim it’s perfectly safe.

"We are actually dumping our sewage, what’s left of it into our drinking [water] source," said


Earthquakes in Heart of Texas Oil Country Spur Water Crackdown

chart: frequency of earthquakes in the Permian (2016 - 2018)

Chart: Earthquakes in Heart of Texas Oil Country Spur Water Crackdown

(Bloomberg) — Texas is considering new restrictions on how shale explorers dispose of wastewater from oil drilling as earthquakes rattle the largest oil-producing American state.

The new rules would target how much and at what pressure briny water that emerges from oil wells is injected back into the ground, Jared Craighead, chief of staff for the Texas Railroad Commission, … [more…]