What logging does to your water

What logging does to your water

There are a lot of issues with deforestation. However, for some nations around the world, logging jobs provide stable sources of income that might otherwise be unavailable. But now new research is taking a deeper look into the consequences of logging and asking, at what cost?

The recent study, which was published in Environmental Research Letters, comes from collaborating researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Wildlife … [more…]

Young woman from Rigolet — stories of protecting land and water

Young woman from Rigolet shares stories of protecting the land and the water

Photo: Emily Wolfrey with some of the youth and elders who gathered to talk about their stories as land and water protectors.

Emily Wolfrey of Rigolet did what it took to get to New Brunswick last month to participate in a gathering of youth and elders. While there, they talked about their stories as land and water protectors.

“I travelled on skidoo from Rigolet to Goose Bay (about a six-hour … [more…]

Plastic debris found in tap water, beer, and sea salt

photo: beer glass. Plastic debris found in tap water, beer, and sea salt

You may think you’re ingesting a safe, clean product, but you’re really putting synthetic microfibers into your body.

It is one thing to hear about plastic pollution in oceans, lakes, and waterways; it’s altogether another to learn that plastic is in the food, seasonings, and beverages we’re consuming. A new open-access study, published in PLOS last week, has delved into this disturbing reality of our polluted planet, examining the precise … [more…]

Green Makeover: Philadelphia Is Tackling Its Stormwater Problem

With a Green Makeover, Philadelphia Is Tackling Its Stormwater Problem

Photo: A rain garden manages stormwater runoff in Philadelphia’s Germantown section. Philadelphia Water Department

Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia’s favorite son, described his city’s stormwater problem well:

By “covering a ground plot with buildings and pavements, which carry off most of the rain and prevent its soaking into the Earth and renewing and purifying the Springs … the water of wells must gradually grow worse, and in time be unfit for use


Climate change impact on communally managed water systems

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Shared fates and experiences in a community can help it withstand changes to water availability due to climate change, a recent study by Sandia National Laboratories researchers found.

“During our research, a community’s ability to withstand natural and social pressures was routinely pinpointed to the fact that the people who live there feel like they are a community,” Thushara Gunda, a Sandia environmental engineer and the paper’s