Ever Dream of Becoming a Scientist? Dream No More.

Embrace your passion for data and love of planet Earth: Become a NOAA citizen scientist! We’re always looking for volunteers to help our scientists and researchers observe the world around us. Does logging local weather conditions or surveying whales interest you? How about volunteering in a NOAA national marine sanctuary or research reserve?

Take a look at some of NOAA’s more popular opportunities and then mine for more in the federal Citizen Scientist Catalog. (Tip: Search using the keyword “NOAA” under Agency Sponsor to find both local and national programs eager for your help.)

April is the perfect time to start contributing to a better scientific understanding of our natural world: Citizen Science Day is April 15 (in 2017), and Earth Day is April 22. This month also sees the premiere of "The Crowd and the Cloud," a new series airing on public television stations and online that explores the contributions of citizen scientists all over the world. Check out Episode 1 featuring NOAA-sponsored citizen science projects you can participate in.