California Water Savings Dwindle When Drought Fears Subside

California’s Water Savings Dwindle When Drought Fears Subside

Public perception of drought risk influences how people use water resources. New research sheds light on how public awareness could shift behaviors toward long-term water conservation. Credit: bozhdb/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Policy changes and media attention affect how much water Californians use, as well as how long these behaviors prevail. Could public awareness shift behaviors toward long-term conservation?

California’s population has almost doubled over the past 4 decades, growing from … [more…]

Coldest Liquid Water Ever Reaches Bizarre Mathematical Singularity

Physicists Create Coldest Liquid Water Ever, Reaching Bizarre Mathematical Singularity

Water acts familiarly at familiar temperatures. It freezes into ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which corresponds to 0 degrees Celsius and 272 Kelvin. But “supercooled,” water can remain liquid even at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, recent back-to-back breakthroughs are revealing the bizarre behavior liquid water adopts at the coldest temperatures ever achieved, Gizmodo reported. A new technique created by an international team of European researchers … [more…]

Michigan sets limit for chemical contaminants in water

Michigan sets limit for chemical contaminants in water

Photo: Katy Batdorff / Special to Detroit News

Lansing — Amid growing concern over chemical contaminants in the state’s drinking water, Gov. Rick Snyder’s office on Tuesday adopted a threshold for when regulators can act against polluters. The new rule will require state remediation if residential or commercial drinking water is found to have per- and polyfluoroalkyl levels that meet or exceed 70 parts per trillion.

The substances, known collectively … [more…]

E.P.A. Officials, Disheartened by Agency’s Direction, Are Leaving in Droves

Ronnie B. Levin sitting by the water

Ronnie B. Levin spent 37 years at the E.P.A. working on lead exposure. She retired in November after what she described as months of low morale at the agency. This article was written through collaboration between The New York Times and ProPublica, the independent, nonprofit investigative journalism organization.

WASHINGTON — More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office, a wave of departures that … [more…]

A rare victory for Iowa water quality

A rare victory for Iowa water quality

Following a public outcry, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has abandoned an effort to weaken the state’s E. coli water quality standards. Officials had designed the change with the explicit goal of reducing the number of Iowa waterways deemed impaired.

Environmental advocates had warned public health would suffer if the DNR assessed waterways based on average readings of E. coli levels, rather than the highest single measurement of the … [more…]