More Than 140 First Nations Still Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water

photo: lake water - More Than 140 First Nations Still Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water
Paganakomin Lake is seen in Kigian Zibi Algonquin First Nation in 2011. The region’s well water is contaminated with uranium. (Photo: Francis Vachon/CP)

Anishinabe artist and writer Jay Odjick took to Twitter Monday to call out the lack of clean drinking water on many First Nations in Canada. Odjick, a TV producer and comics creator, tweeted that his community hasn’t had clean drinking water for decades.

In My community, Kitigan


State: Don’t eat the fish off Kaneohe Marine Corps Base fuel pier

aerial photo of Kaneohe, Hawaii. State: Don't eat the fish off Kaneohe Marine Corps Base fuel pier

Image: Kanoehe Marine Corps Base Hawaii

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) – If you catch fish or shellfish in the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii fuel pier, don’t eat them. That’s the message from the state Health Department, which is warning residents that the marine life in the area may contain unsafe levels of harmful chemicals.

The state said Wednesday that preliminary tests of two species of goatfish caught in the waters


Proving Terrible For the Marine Life: Microplastics

photo: glittering holiday ornaments. Proving Terrible For the Marine Life by Microplastics

A seemingly harmless arts and craft material, glitter has been a part of fun Do It Yourself projects, an intricate part of the fashion and makeup world, and an all-around well-loved item for years. Yet beneath all that glitz and glam lies an unfortunate and little-known truth: that glitter is causing serious harm to the environment.

Glitter is known for its tendency to stick to all available surfaces and be … [more…]

New Jersey seeks stricter limit on chemicals, PFCs in drinking water

photo: New Jersey Seeks Stricter Limit on Chemical in Drinking Water

Photo: Testing water samples for unsafe substances at a lab in Fairfield, NJ.

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — New Jersey has some of the highest concentrations of perfluorinated chemicals, but the state is taking steps to reduce their risk to the public.

It has been nearly 20 years since a hazardous class of chemicals found in common consumer products like nonstick cookware and mattresses was manufactured in the United States, but it


Scientists on Causes of High Radium Levels in Key Midwestern Aquifer

Oxygen levels, dissolved minerals among factors responsible for high concentrations of radium in untreated water from aquifer that underlies six states

U.S. Geological Survey scientists have shed new light on processes that happen deep underground. These processes — which cause radium to leach from aquifer rocks into groundwater — are responsible for high concentrations of naturally occurring radium in groundwater from the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer.

This aquifer provides more than 630