What Nashville’s Metro Schools Isn’t Telling You About Lead In Water

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — There’s a lot that Metro Schools isn’t revealing in its Friday-night "news dump" about its testing for lead in school water. After NewsChannel 5 Investigates first raised questions about the issue back in June, Metro Schools announced that they would test every drinking water source in every one of their buildings before the start of the new year.

Even though we began asking about the latest results on Tuesday, the district waited until Friday night to post a statement on its website and social media accounts — apparently in hopes that their story could get out to the public without being questioned.

Lead in the drinking fountains of Nashville's public schools? How much is safe?

According to the district, out of 138 buildings, 19 schools had lead levels above the federal standard for public drinking water systems. The announcement boasted that, out of thousands of samples taken, only 38 water fountains tested above that level. The statement said that all 38 of those sample locations have been taken out of service until repairs can be made and water retested. What the announcement does NOT tell parents is how many samples showed […]

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