The US is in a water crisis far worse than most people imagine

A sample of tap water taken in Flint, Michigan. Photograph: Garrett MacLean/The Guardian

Industrial runoff and lax standards have tainted water across the US. Senators and doctors are calling me, asking what to do

When I was a little girl, my father would sing songs to me all the time about water. Sometimes, we would be playing down at the creeks and he would make up little tunes: “See that … [more…]

1 in 3 children worldwide being poisoned by lead from water, air pollution, UN warns

1 in 3 children worldwide being poisoned by lead from water, air pollution, UN warns

The file photo shows children play in water pipes at a construction site on the banks of the Yamuna River in the northern Indian city of Allahabad, India.

Up to 800 million children around the world are being poisoned by lead from water and air pollution, the United Nations warned Thursday in a special report on the "massive and previously unknown" health crisis.

One out of every three children is … [more…]

Aluminum may affect lead levels in drinking water

Researchers find aluminum in water could affect lead’s solubility — in certain cases

It is not uncommon to find aluminum in municipal water systems. It’s part of a treatment chemical used in some water treatment processes. Recently, however, it has been discovered in lead scale, deposits that form on lead water pipes.

The aluminum presence in pipes is both unsurprising and, in the quantities researchers saw in water pipes, not … [more…]

$5 million Allocated for Lead Testing in California Child Care Centers

Assistance prioritized for Child Care Centers caring for infants

May 4, 2020 Contact: Edward Ortiz (

SACRAMENTO – The State Water Resources Control Board has executed an agreement to provide approximately $5 million in grant funds for testing and remediation of lead in drinking water at licensed Child Care Centers.

The passage of Assembly Bill 2370 in 2018 requires that all licensed child care centers constructed before January 1, 2010 … [more…]

Flint Schools Overwhelmed by Special Education Needs After Lead Crisis

Photo: more special education students in Flint after lead exposure

Parent advocate Maxine Onstott, shown cuddling with her son Maximilliano, 6, said many families are having a hard time getting help for their children’s disabilities in the wake of the water crisis.
—Brittany Greeson for Education Week

Flint, Mich.

Years after reports surfaced of alarmingly high lead levels in the water system, the toll of the crisis is becoming clear: At least 1 in 5 students in Flint’s public schools … [more…]