Kids Risk Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water in Schools

Children across the U.S. acquire and education through public school — they also receive lead exposure, according to new research.

At least 22 states failed to protect students from water contamination, according to a study conducted by the Environment America Research & Policy Center and U.S. PIRG Education Fund.

Worse, only two of the 32 tested states received a B rating. Not one state made an A. Schools in states with large Latino populations also fared poorly.

“It’s concerning,” Julie Ma, a mother in Boston (19.4% Latino) who prepares water bottles for her kids every day, told CBS.

“I really would like to get the lead out of the water supply as fast as possible for the students … Many schools don’t even know if they have it and haven’t been able to make those changes.”

Filtered water can help alleviate lead exposure.

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The EPA is also taking public comments concerning their proposed rule that would reduce protections for thousands of lakes and rivers under the Clean Water Act. The public comment period […]

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Kids Risk Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water in Schools
Article Name
Kids Risk Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water in Schools
At least 22 states fail to protect students from water contamination, according to Environment America Research & Policy Center and US PIRG Education Fund.
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Salud America!
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