What new EPA lead regulations mean for local drinking water protection

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency released new guidance and regulations this week for how Ohio public water systems must alert residents and businesses when the water systems are replacing water lines that contain lead.

New regulations require every public water system in Ohio to notify residents or business owners 45 days before making repairs to water lines that contain lead. Water systems are also now required to provide filters to residents for up to three months after work is complete, the new regulations state.

A document released this week also states there is some evidence that when lead service lines are disturbed during water line work, lead may be released into the drinking water — “potentially reaching the consumer’s tap.” Lead is a toxic metal that could cause neurological, developmental and gastrointestinal issues in people — especially in children and pregnant women — who consume the poisonous substance.»

In 2016, high levels of lead contaminated part of Miami Valley Hospital’s water supply on its Dayton campus for a short amount of time. Hospital officials concluded from their own investigation that a short-term road construction project on Warren […]

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What new EPA lead regulations mean for local drinking water protection
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What new EPA lead regulations mean for local drinking water protection
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency released new regulations. Public water systems must tell residents & business if replacing water lines containing lead.
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