O‘ahu Water Protectors: Shut Down Red Hill

Every day, the Navy’s Red Hill fuel tanks continue to threaten O‘ahu’s main water source.

  • In 2021, a major leak from the Red Hill Fuel Facility poisoned thousands of people on Navy water lines.
  • Another major leak could make our water permanently undrinkable.
  • The Navy and elected officials knew the tanks were unsafe and did nothing.
  • Over 100 million gallons of fuel have yet to be removed from the deteriorating tanks.
  • THE PEOPLE forced the Navy to agree to shut down Red Hill, and ONLY WE CAN MAKE SURE THEY DO IT

The future of our water is at risk.

O‘ahu Water Protectors hold signs: “Say No to Navy,” “Shut Down Red Hill,” “Our Water Not Navy’s”, Ola i ka wai”


Full article PLUS links for info and action opportunities: oahuwaterprotectors.org