Earthquakes in Heart of Texas Oil Country Spur Water Crackdown

chart: frequency of earthquakes in the Permian (2016 - 2018)

Chart: Earthquakes in Heart of Texas Oil Country Spur Water Crackdown

(Bloomberg) — Texas is considering new restrictions on how shale explorers dispose of wastewater from oil drilling as earthquakes rattle the largest oil-producing American state.

The new rules would target how much and at what pressure briny water that emerges from oil wells is injected back into the ground, Jared Craighead, chief of staff for the Texas Railroad Commission, … [more…]

Five gross things we used to dump in the Mississippi River — and what we’re dumping now

photo: Steve Lee talking about pollution in the Mississippi River

Steve Lee, a history buff and retired pollution regulator with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, stops near the University of Minnesota steam plant, southeast of St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis. Lee led a historical tour along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018, for students and others interested in the pollution history of the river. Elizabeth Dunbar | MPR News

Take a walk along the Mississippi River … [more…]

NRC admits San Onofre Holtec nuclear waste canisters are all damaged

photo: containers for storing nuclear waste

The Holtec nuclear waste storage canisters at San Onofre are lemons and must be replaced with thick-wall casks.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) admits in their November 28, 2018 NRC Inspection Report and Notice of Violation, ML18332A357 (page 8 and 9) every Holtec canister downloaded into the storage holes is damaged due to inadequate clearance between the canister and the divider shell in the storage hole (vault). The NRC states … [more…]

Where’s The Fresh Water Going?

photo: hands cupped to catch clean water flowing out of a spigot

Freshwater Is Disappearing; Can Technology Save Us?

Fresh water is the most important resource for human life on earth.

People can survive far longer without food than without water, and virtually all of our food sources require fresh water to grow or create.

Anna Kucirkova wrote a good story abut this topic for and was kind enough to share it with McCombs Supply.

At McCombs, an appliance parts business … [more…]

Salmon surge: Habitat improvements paying off on one California river

photo: a chinook salmon trying a fish ladder on the Mokelumne River in California. AKA: king salmon

A chinook, also called king salmon, attempts to jump up the fish ladder to the hatchery on the Mokelumne River in the Sierra foothills, where fisheries biologists say improved habitat in recent years has paid off. Photo: Mason Trinca / Special to The Chronicle 2017

Near record numbers of chinook salmon are surging up the Mokelumne River, marking the second large spawning year in a row and signaling to fisheries