US groundwater in peril: potable water supply less than thought

photo: a private, potable groundwater well in New Mexico, USA

Photo: A groundwater well near Estancia, New Mexico. Credit: Debra Perrone

The U.S. groundwater supply is smaller than originally thought, according to a new research study that includes a University of Arizona hydrologist.

The study provides important insights into the depths of underground fresh and brackish water in some of the most prominent sedimentary basins across the U.S.

The research by scientists from the University of Saskatchewan, the UA and … [more…]

Benefits of Groundwater Recharge Demonstrated in Lodi Vineyards

photo: flooding a vineyard in order to recharge the groundwater supply.

Costa Vineyards in Lodi is successfully using groundwater recharge in this 14-acre Zinfandel block. Photo: Ted Rieger

Groundwater is a major source of irrigation water for California agriculture and is increasingly being managed and regulated to address the overdrafting of aquifers in many of the state’s groundwater basins. The ability to capture and store water for future use through groundwater recharge on existing farmlands has been demonstrated in recent years, … [more…]

Almond Farms Keep Growing, Keep Moving on Water Conservation

photo: orchard flooded with stormwater to help recharge the aquifer. Almond Farms Keep Growing, and Keep Moving on Water Conservation

Modesto farmer Nick Blom stands in his 5-acre almond orchard intentionally flooded with stormwater as an experiment to restore the depleted aquifer in January 2016. This is one of many measures the almond industry is taking to restore and conserve water. Photo by Paul Kitagaki Jr., The Sacramento Bee

California grows 80 percent of the world’s almonds, generating $11 billion annually for the state’s economy. Richard Waycott of the Almond


California’s Looming Water Pollution Problem, Produced Water

photo: Tom Frantz standing in standing groundwater in a grove of almond tress. California's Looming Water Pollution Problem: produced water

Tom Frantz on his almond grove in Shafter, California. (Photo: Jonas Jungblut)

In California’s Central Valley, the oil industry has been dumping wastewater into unlined—and under-regulated—ponds, threatening the state’s limited groundwater and the humans who rely on it.

In the winter of 2001, Tom Frantz and a friend were cruising in his pick-up truck along a stretch of Highway 33 in Kern County, California. Known as the Petroleum Highway, this … [more…]

Water, water, not everywhere: Former NASA hydrologist says water security issues worsening

photo: executive director of the Global Institute for Water Security, Jay Famiglietti speaking about water security and scarcity.

Photo: University of Saskatchewan hydrologist and executive director of the Global Institute for Water Security Jay Famiglietti gives a lecture at the University of Saskatchewan on Sept. 22, 2018.

A former NASA scientist has come to work at the University of Saskatchewan to address issues of water security and scarcity around the world.

Considered one of the leading hydrologists in the world, Jay Famiglietti was recruited to be the executive … [more…]