Restoration Solutions

Complex Problem: Creating a sustainable future for the people, wildlife and industries of south Louisiana will require all the tools in the toolbox. Louisiana’s land loss crisis is not caused by any one single factor, but rather by a variety of complex man-made and natural causes that have contributed to the coastline’s depletion.

Because there’s no one cause, there’s no one solution. Instead, we need a variety of restoration projects, working together, to rebuild land that has been lost and to sustain new land into the future.

Variety of Solutions: Robust, large-scale restoration projects, along with coastal protection and community resiliency measures, are our best solutions for reducing land loss, protecting our communities and cities, and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Restoration of a healthy, productive Mississippi River delta requires a variety of restoration solutions.

These include: Reconnecting the river to its delta through land-building sediment diversions, Strategic use of dredged sediments to build and sustain wetlands and barrier islands, Improved management of the Mississippi River, Adopting community resilience measures, such as home elevation […]

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