Water Asset Management: Hunting Liquid Assets

photo: hedge fund, Water Asset Management: Hunting Liquid Assets

Photo, from left: Disque Deane Jr., Matt Diserio, and Marc Robert of Water Asset Management are betting water prices rise.

Water wasn’t an obvious investment theme when Matt Diserio and Disque Deane Jr. launched their hedge fund 10 years ago. Now, every day brings news of a water shortage or drought.

So have the water stocks targeted by their Manhattan-based Water Asset Management enjoyed a panicky rerating? Not yet. Drought-parched … [more…]

In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes.

photo: polluted stream in San Cristobal de las Casas. In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes.

Photo: A stream in San Cristóbal de las Casas, which residents claim is contaminated with sewage. Potable water is scarce in the town. Editor’s note: h2oIQ.org focuses on USA water issues, but we know San Cristóbal well as one of the most beautiful little cities we’ve ever seen. Its people are wise in traditional, indigenous ways but when the public water supply fails… one does what one must, and bears [more…]

‘Fecal Soup’: Wisconsin Well Water Would Horrify You

photo: water wells in farm country of Wisconsin. 'Fecal Soup': What Was Found in Wisconsin Well Water Would Horrify You

Erika Balza does not drink the water out of her tap. Despite having a new well installed that came with a price tag of more than $13,000, she doesn’t trust it.

“We’ve just written it off,” says Balza, a 47-year-old former paralegal and title insurance agent. “I did say after the new well was installed that old habits die hard, that you don’t drink the water. But in the back … [more…]

Figuring out the water cycle… still

photo: trees in a forest, evapotranspiration, transpiration, evaporation in the water cycle

By emitting moisture, trees play a crucial role in water cycles and global rainfall. Brunei Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism

We could re-wet dry landscapes with the right theory. Could the ‘biotic pump’ be it?

There are a few different levels of understanding about the water cycle. There are the diagrams hung in elementary schools, showing water evaporating up from the ocean into clouds, then falling back down to … [more…]

Why is Water Quality Monitoring Important?

photo: water drops. Water quality monitoring is a critical part of environmental science and public health.

When we turn on the tap and fill up a glass, go for a dip in the ocean or fry up a freshly caught fish from the local lake, most of us take it for granted that these are all safe actions. The reality is that behind the scenes, scientists work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of the world’s most valuable resource is as high as possible.

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