Watershed Planning Program (WPP) — Massachusetts

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The WPP is a statewide program with a mission to protect, enhance and restore the quality and value of the waters of the Commonwealth. The program consists of environmental scientists, biologists, engineers and planners engaged in various activities required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) pursuant to the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and associated regulations (see CWA Summary, CWA and the Water Quality Standards Regulation). The CWA … [more…]

Early settler’s 139-year-old water right up for cancellation

Early settler's 139-year-old water right up for cancellation

French Creek was mostly likely named after French fur trappers. The small creek is one of many scenic waterways through the Black Hills.

After 139 years, an early Black Hills settler could lose his right to all the water in French Creek1 above a point near Custer.

The Water Rights Program of the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources is recommending the cancellation of a water right … [more…]

Water quality deal lacks allure in swath of Iowa

photo: Water quality deal lacks allure in swath of Iowa

Photo: Jack Boyer of Reinbeck refills his air seeder Nov. 10 before spreading for cover crops on his farm in Grundy and Tama counties, where he has been growing cover crops for seven years. A retiree of John Deere, he researched and experimented with different crops on his own land and found that cover crops were beneficial to his soil by increasing organic matter, preventing nutrient runoff and reducing soil … [more…]

Drought-declaration judgment day in Arizona

Drought-declaration judgment day

Weather-wise, it is one of the most anticipated events of the fall season. Will they? Or… won’t they? Will the Governor’s Drought Interagency Coordinating Group recommend to Governor Ducey that he add the approaching “water year” to the State’s lengthy string of official drought years? Or will the panel recommend that the official dry spell designation end in Arizona, thus following in the footsteps of California, where that state’s drought


U.S. Steel dumps more toxic chromium near Lake Michigan, faces lawsuit

U.S. Steel dumps more toxic chromium near Lake Michigan, faces lawsuit

Six months after U.S. Steel dumped a plume of toxic metal into a Lake Michigan tributary, the company quietly reported another spill at the same northwest Indiana plant and asked state environmental regulators to keep it secret, according to newly released documents.

The 56.7 pounds of chromium released in late October by the company’s Midwest Plant was 89 percent higher than its water pollution permit allows over 24 hours, U.S. … [more…]