“Fumes Across the Fence Line” – Causes and Effects of Environmental Racism

"Fumes Across the Fence Line” - Documenting the Causes and Effects of Environmental Racism, and Asking: What are the Next Steps?

A study released in November of 2017 produced by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and the National Medical Association (NMA) “Fumes Across the Fence-line” shows for the first time with empirical data that pollution disproportionately affects communities of color. The 36-page study links pollutants emitted by gas or oil facilities near communities of color to high rates of asthma … [more…]

New Orleans Residents Have Been Drinking Untreated Water Used To Cool Steam Turbines

photo: New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board policies

New Orleans’s Sewerage & Water Board has been cycling untreated water used to cool steam turbines into the drinking water supply for over a century. The procedure, which has been recently uncovered by the S&WB is in violation of state health regulations. It is yet another black eye for the beleaguered agency.

From WWL-TV:

The Sewerage & Water Board on Tuesday said it recently discovered that for the last century,


The women fighting a pipeline that could destroy precious wildlife

Photo: women activists and Water Protectors

Activists travel past the site where the Bayou Bridge pipeline will cross underneath the Atchafalaya river. Photograph: Joe Whittle for the Guardian

Activists fight to stop construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline, which endangers an ecosystem that is one of the most important bird habitats in the western hemisphere

Deep within the humid green heart of the largest river swamp in North America, a battle is being waged over the … [more…]

Frogs Are Disappearing. What Does That Mean?

photo: fronts on mushrooms, with crowns on their heads. Frogs Are Disappearing. What Does That Mean?

Banded bullfrogs, native to Southeast Asia (and not yet endangered), on their thrones of chanterelle, lobster and shiitake mushrooms. Photograph by Kyoko Hamada. Styled by Victoria Petro-Conroy

The dusky gopher frog, once endemic to the longleaf pine savannas of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana — and now listed among the 100 most endangered species on earth — is tiny, dark and warty. The creature is often described as both secretive and … [more…]