San Joaquin Valley’s contaminated water is like “third world country”

If we truly want California to shine as an example of progressive leadership, then we cannot allow people living in the Valley to be treated like second-class citizens, without access to clean drinking water. These families deserve clean water that is safe to use and safe to drink.

I recently went to the San Joaquin Valley and visited with families who unfortunately live with deadly contaminants in their drinking water. … [more…]

EBMUD joins new round of water testing for lead at Oakland schools

photo (still from video): drinking fountains at Oakland schools tested for lead

Officials with the East Bay Municipal Utility District on Thursday [Nov. 9, 2017 —ed.] will start testing the water at all 86 schools in the Oakland Unified School District, after lead was found in some of the schools’ drinking fountains. (video: Allie Rasmus reports, Media: KTVU)

In an effort to protect students and allay rising concerns of parents over the discovery of alarming levels of lead contamination in plumbing fixtures


Gov. Brown Signs Bill Requiring California Water Districts to Test School Water for Lead

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Requiring Water Districts to Test School Water for Lead

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Friday requiring water districts to test school water for lead in California. NBC 7 Investigates has covered ongoing issues with lead in San Diego County’s school water systems for about a year. When the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) tested for lead in their school water as part of a voluntary program, they discovered lead in the water at about 40 schools. SDUSD … [more…]

What Nashville’s Metro Schools Isn’t Telling You About Lead In Water

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — There’s a lot that Metro Schools isn’t revealing in its Friday-night "news dump" about its testing for lead in school water. After NewsChannel 5 Investigates first raised questions about the issue back in June, Metro Schools announced that they would test every drinking water source in every one of their buildings before the start of the new year.

Even though we began asking about the latest results


Replacing fixtures will get rid of lead in schools’ drinking water: expert

Replacing fixtures will get rid of lead in schools’ drinking water: expert

A top education official Sunday said parents shouldn’t worry about crisis-level lead in local schools’ drinking water — but a water-treatment expert and educator said the city is making a potentially dangerous mistake. Officials recently found lead levels in school faucets and bubblers far exceeding safe levels.

Running offending fixtures for a few minutes makes them “virtually lead-free,” Deputy Chancellor Elizabeth Rose told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on … [more…]