Drought Spreads to 93 Percent of West — That’s Never Happened

Drought Spreads to 93 Percent of West—That’s Never Happened

Photo: In an aerial view, the San Gabriel River and the exposed lakebed of the San Gabriel Reservoir are seen on June 29, 2021 in the San Gabriel Mountains near Azusa, California. Credit: Mario Tama Getty Images

The western United States is experiencing its worst drought this century, threatening to kill crops, spark wildfires and harm public health as hot and dry conditions are expected to continue this month.

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Portland, USA, Goes Green with Water Pipes: Innovations in Hydropower

photo: worker installing turbine inside water pipes. Portland, USA, Goes Green with Water Pipes: Innovations in Hydropower

Sourcing renewable energy such as hydropower from aspects of ordinary life like drinking water is an innovative, fresh, and wonderful concept. And this is being done in Portland, which is the biggest city in the US state of Oregon as well as the seat of the Multnomah County. It is a big port in the Willamette Valley region in the Pacific Northwest. Portland, USA, now produces electricity from turbines which … [more…]

West Coast Ocean Acidification Rates Among Highest In World

The United States is stepping away from the Paris Climate Agreement, but the consequences of climate change will be more difficult to leave behind. Take ocean acidification, a major emerging threat to West Coast fisheries. Researchers at Oregon State University have recorded some of the highest levels of ocean acidification in the world – and they exist right off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

A new study in Nature


Oregon’s Niagara Falls, Revealed

photo: a series of large waterfalls - Oregon's Niagara Falls, Revealed

A viewing area in Snøhetta’s design for the new river walk (Courtesy of Snøhetta)

It’s a sunny morning at Willamette Falls in Oregon City, Oregon, and despite being many miles inland, a sea lion is fattening up on a diet of salmon and steelhead. As birds circle overhead, the sound of the horseshoe-shaped falls—carrying rain and Cascade snowmelt from the Willamette River to the Columbia River and the Pacific —


Acidified Ocean Water Widespread Along North American West Coast

Acidified Ocean Water Widespread Along North American West Coast

photo: Tidepool organisms are threatened by acidification. (Credit: Jane Lubchenco)

A three-year survey of the California Current System along the West Coast of the United States found persistent, highly acidified water throughout this ecologically critical nearshore habitat, with “hotspots” of pH measurements as low as any oceanic surface waters in the world. (From Phys.org / by Mark Floyd) — The researchers say that conditions will continue to worsen because the