Arizona’s Water Supplies

Over the last decade and a half, the Southwest has experienced significant drought conditions. These conditions can lead to changes in our state’s water supply availability.

Fortunately, Arizona has developed a diverse portfolio of water supplies and management strategies which serve as the foundation of our State’s robust water system. This diversity allows Arizona to more effectively manage water resources, allows the state to subsist with the effects of existing drought conditions and provides more options in planning for our states future economic growth.

Arizona’s Water Budget
How much water do we use and how do we use it?

In 2017, Arizona’s total statewide water use was approximately 7 million acre-feet. Arizona’s water use can be divided into three categories: municipal, industrial and agricultural use.

chart: AZ Water Management Success (2018)

Arizona’s Water Use by Sector (2017)

Arizona’s population has grown steadily over the years, however through significant investments in water conservation and infrastructure and the reuse of water, our water use is essentially the same as it was more than half a century ago.

Water Conservation Contributes to Arizona’s Growing Economy

The majority of water users in the state are under mandatory water conservation requirements 365 days a year.


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Arizona's Water Supplies
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Arizona's Water Supplies
Arizona's population grows steadily but, through investments in conservation infrastructure and reuse, water use is the same as it a half century ago.
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Arizona Water Facts
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