The Town That Extended ‘Smart Growth’ to Its Water

photo: Colorado city. The Town That Extended ‘Smart Growth’ to Its Water

Photo: The Rocky Mountains rise behind the Denver skyline. Charlie Riedel/AP

As Western states grapple with drought, Westminster, Colorado, has become a model for its integration of water data into the planning process.

As with so many towns in the West, the history of Westminster, Colorado, can be told through its water supply.

The turning point in that history was the hot, dry summer of 1962. Westminster was already embroiled … [more…]

Case study suggests new approach to urban water supply

Graphic: MIT study on water infrastructure

If you live in the developed world, safe water is usually just a faucet-turn away. And yet, global warming, drought conditions, and population growth in coming decades could change that, ushering in an era of uncertain access to water.

Now an MIT-based research team has evaluated those potential problems and, based on a case study in Australia, suggested an alternate approach to water planning. In a new paper, the researchers … [more…]

EPA applauds UL for storm water management efforts

Photo: University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Photo: Increasing the number of bioswales on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus is one objective outlined in its green infrastructure plan. The shallow troughs hold plants and other vegetation. They act as sieves to remove silt and contaminants from rainwater. Credit: Rachel Keyes/University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette made a splash with its storm water management plan.

Its plan – entitled The Ripple … [more…]

Why American Businesses Need Modern Water Infrastructure

photo: Why American Businesses Need Modern Water Infrastructure

Photo: Waves off Anna Maria Island, FL. Photo credit: Brett Meliti on Unsplash.

Last month, we celebrated World Water Day with the global theme “leave no one behind.” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler marked the occasion by highlighting water as “the largest and most immediate environmental and public health issues affecting the world right now.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the Business Task Force on Water Policy because we agree.… [more…]

Arizona’s Water Supplies

Arizona's Water Supplies

Over the last decade and a half, the Southwest has experienced significant drought conditions. These conditions can lead to changes in our state’s water supply availability.

Fortunately, Arizona has developed a diverse portfolio of water supplies and management strategies which serve as the foundation of our State’s robust water system. This diversity allows Arizona to more effectively manage water resources, allows the state to subsist with the effects of existing … [more…]