New water tests in Houston find cancer-causing chromium 6

HOUSTON – The numbers are in and there’s no denying it: People in Houston are drinking chromium 6. Scientists agree that at a certain point – chromium 6 can cause cancer.

What remains up for debate is whether the amount in our water is harmful.

While chromium 6 can be found in small amounts across the city, the ZIP code testing highest has us returning year after year to 77099.

"The water is polluted, it’s bad. It’s terrible," said Akey, an Alief resident.

He has lived in Alief with his wife for more than five years.

"Since I moved in here, I don’t even give my dog to drink it. The water is so bad. I use it on my plants, pretty much, that’s about it," Akey said.

States differ on the amount of chromium 6 that is considered acceptable.

In California, their public health officials said cancer rates start to rise at a concentration of 0.02 parts per billion.

The EPA only requires our city to test the water for total chromium – not just chromium 6.

Houston City Council member Steve Le represents the district where numbers are elevated in Alief.

Le admits he’s […]

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