United States: Water deficits to diminish in the SW, surpluses ahead for FL

United States: Water deficits to diminish in the Southwest, surpluses ahead for Florida

The Big Picture

The 12-month forecast indicates severe water deficits in the Northeast, relatively normal conditions in the Appalachian region south to the Gulf, primarily moderate deficits in the interior plains, intense surpluses in the Northern Rockies, and moderate to exceptional deficits in the southern Rockies, Southwest, and West. Severe deficits are forecast for Vermont and Massachusetts, and deficits in central New Hampshire and southern Maine could be extreme to exceptional.

Extreme to exceptional deficits are also forecast for southwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah, with deficits nearly as intense in Oregon and western Washington. Severe to exceptional surpluses are expected in Montana and Idaho, northwestern Wyoming, and central Nebraska, and are expected to be especially intense and widespread in the southeast quadrant of Montana and the east-west portion of the Salmon River across central Idaho.

Generally less intense anomalies elsewhere include moderate surpluses in southern Michigan, western North Carolina, and Florida’s southeast coast and Gulf coast west of Gainesville. Primarily moderate deficits are forecast for eastern portions of the Carolinas and southeastern Georgia. Outside the contiguous US, intense surpluses are forecast for Hawaii and for […]

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