Increasing Water Access Begins with Improving Representation

Increasing Water Access Begins with Improving Representation

Across the United States, historically underserved communities, such as in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas or southern California, lack regular access to clean drinking water and sewage treatment. These groups, typically Hispanic labor populations or Native American tribes, face barriers to achieving the same access to water as nearby municipalities. Irrigation districts often control water in rural areas, with minimal oversight regarding expanding service areas to include low-income, unincorporated … [more…]

CSIRO and Goanna Ag develop technology to predict crop water needs

photo: camera monitoring soil and helping control irrigation

KEEPING AN EYE: A Goanna Ag canopy sensor on a tomato crop near Swan Hill, Victoria.

The CSIRO and local agtech company Goanna Ag have teamed up to give irrigators the technology to get maximum value out of every drop of water.

They are claiming WaterWise will be Australia’s only water-use efficiency product for irrigated crops that measures crop water stress and predicts future water needs in real time.



Feds say Tule groundwater could continue to sink

photo: canal in California's Central Valley

Despite groundwater sustainability plans, Bureau of Reclamation says capacity of Friant-Kern Canal could fall by another 10% in the coming years; impact could be felt by rural communities as well

TULARE COUNTY – Without the construction of the 152-mile Friant-Kern Canal in 1951 at the cost of $61 million, many of the best producing ag areas along the east side of the San Joaquin Valley would be out of business. … [more…]

It’s Time to Plan for Drier Western Rivers

It’s Time to Plan for Drier Western Rivers

Three recent studies highlight how climate change will jeopardize the water supply from Western rivers. The best antidote, researchers say, is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. | Illustration by Maddy Olson

A strange thing happens during particularly wet winters in California: farmers flood their fields. Never mind that crops are dormant and soil is already saturated — these farmers are more concerned about what lies beneath their land. Aquifers … [more…]

5 major trends impacting the Water industry in the next decade

5 major trends impacting the Water industry in the next decade

The Water Industry is set to embrace several changes in the coming years due to rapid urbanisation, severe climate changes, rising customer demands and emerging digital technologies. These changes will present businesses with a complex set of challenges that could be worth addressing in order to stay competitive within the industry.

Can such challenges be turned into opportunities that benefit businesses, customers and the environment? We think yes. We highlight … [more…]