Man Flies Drone Over Ocean, Captures Incredibly Rare Event

photo: aerial view of a mega-pod of dolphins off the coast of Dana Point, California

Our vast oceans are, for the most part, still very much unexplored. The mysteries of the deep are exactly that! However, a little change in perspective can reveal much of what we’ve been missing when it comes to ocean life. Captain Dave Anderson got this stunning footage off the coast of San Clemente when he flew one of his drones high up into the air.

When he took his … [more…]

Sighting & Observing Marine Wildlife

Sighting & Observing Marine Wildlife

The Pacific Ocean is alive with wildlife. Some of these animals, like humpback whales, Hawaiian monk seals, and sea turtles, are considered endangered species and are protected by federal laws. Dolphins and other whales, though not endangered, are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Nature-based tourism is a fast growing segment of the market. There are scores of tour boat companies and water-based activities that cater to whale and


Flows Restored To Waimea River And “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”

Flows Restored To Waimea River And “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”

Waimea River and Canyon. Honolulu, HI — Today, the State of Hawaiʻi’s Commission on Water Resource Management approved a historic agreement that resolves a complaint Earthjustice filed in July 2013 on behalf of community group Pōʻai Wai Ola/West Kauaʻi Watershed Alliance to protect the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and restore stream flows to the Waimea River on Kauaʻi Island.

Waimea River is located on Kauaʻi Island. The agreement concludes … [more…]

Scientists Race To Help Hawaii Corals Survive

Bret Yager: Scientists Race To Help Hawaii Corals Survive

Her time in the underwater wasteland has gotten easier these days for coral research diver Lindsey Kramer. Stationed in Kailua-Kona — ground zero for the worst recorded coral bleaching in state history in 2014 to 2016 — Kramer wept when she first witnessed the trails of telltale mucus drifting from pillared colonies that were 500 years in the making.

Some 80 percent of cauliflower corals are dead off West Hawaii. … [more…]