A legal loss in Florida’s water war | Editorial

A legal loss in Florida’s water war | Editorial

A special master appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court has said that Florida – not Georgia – is to blame for decimating the oyster industry in Apalachicola. (DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Times)

A hearing officer has dealt Florida the nearest thing to a fatal blow in its long-running water war with Georgia. In a report last week, the special master, Senior U.S. Circuit Court Judge Paul J. Kelly Jr., found … [more…]

Some fear groundwater near Georgia military bases is toxic

Some fear groundwater near Georgia military bases is toxic

FILE – In an Aug. 11, 2015 file photo, an Air Force military member walks out to medevac biocontainment unit aboard a C-17 military transport plane at Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base during a media tour, in Marietta, Ga. There are fears that groundwater near Georgia military bases could remain contaminated from a toxic firefighting foam used for decades by the U.S. Air Force. Recent tests at Georgia’s three air … [more…]

United States: Widespread water surpluses WI to TX & NY to GA

Map: forecast water surpluses and deficits in the USA

18 December 2018


The 12-month forecast ending August 2019 indicates significant blocks of water surplus in three regions: the East Coast from southern New Hampshire through North Carolina; much of Texas into Oklahoma and Kansas; and Iowa and southern Wisconsin. Surpluses are expected to be extreme to exceptional in the heart of Texas surrounding the Edwards Plateau, eastern Pennsylvania, and coastal North Carolina around Wilmington.

With the … [more…]

Trump signs water projects bill with aims in Flint, Florida

photo in Oval Office: President Donald Trump signs the "America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018"

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a wide-ranging bill to improve the nation’s water infrastructure, including a Florida project intended to reduce toxic algae blooms that have devastated coastal marine life and emptied beaches.

The new law will help create a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee designed to filter out toxins that contribute to harmful algae blooms that have killed turtles, fish and other marine life — even … [more…]

How About That Water Quality? Ocean Acidification

photo: coastal tidal zone and rising sea levels. How About That Water Quality?

Talking about water quality isn’t most people’s idea of the ideal ice breaker. In the Lowcountry (loosely defined as coastal South Carolina and Georgia), folks typically find common ground discussing the region’s warm weather, great food, vibrant culture and remarkable history.

But water quality is quickly becoming the talk of the town as locals are growing concerned about how sea level rise and increased rainfall amounts are impacting their local