Iran’s Water Crisis

It is hard to imagine life without access to sufficient quantities of fresh water, but in some parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, that is becoming more than a theoretically disturbing possibility, as climate change, mass migration, environmental degradation, drought and political instability – among other issues – make the use and management of diminishing water resources an increasing challenge.

It’s a particular concern in Iran, where a number of problems – not least the stifling effect of years of international sanctions – mean water depletion is now receiving some serious attention.

People & Power sent reporter Gelareh Darabi and a team from earthrise, Al Jazeera’s environmental series, to investigate the reasons for Iran’s water crisis and the innovative schemes now being adopted to resolve it.

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Iran's Water Crisis
Iran's Water Crisis

Water scarcity is a particular concern in Iran, where problems - not least the effect of sanctions - mean water depletion is receiving serious attention.

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