Interview: Ohio’s Representative Nickie Antonio

MCAF:What is unique about protecting the resources in your district?

My district is unique in that it includes an urban neighborhood, a highway, a river, and one of the Great Lakes. It is very important to us that we keep our air and water clean. Pollution from the heavy number of cars driving down I-90 daily and boats riding past Lakewood Park in the summer is of great concern. Additionally, toxins have been found in Lake Erie that make the water undrinkable. Thanks to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, we have been able to combat these issues. However, if we cannot keep our resources healthy, they will certainly not sustain their continued use.

Are you worried about the effects of climate change on Ohio’s children?

In order for our children to grow into healthy adults, their basic needs must be met. Without clean drinking water and breathable air, they will not be able to attend school, let alone pursue their goals and aspirations. Instead, they will be dealing with various health concerns. Without clean water, farmers cannot cultivate their crops in a way that is safe for us to eat. This affects our children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Polluted air is equally concerning. Recently, the Health and Aging Committee on which I serve has been working on legislation to help children with asthma. In urban areas, this could be of greater concern, as the pollution makes it even more difficult for these children to breathe.

Why is a bipartisan effort so important and how can these efforts be achieved in our politically polarizing culture?

The issues pertaining to Lake Erie are time-sensitive. In order for us to preserve one of Ohio’s most precious resources, legislators on both sides of the aisle must work together to give the appropriate professionals and experts the funding they need. Organizations such as the Lake Erie Commission who are doing […]

Interview: Ohio’s Representative Nickie Antonio
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Interview: Ohio’s Representative Nickie Antonio
Children's basics must be met to make healthy adults. Without clean drinking water and air, they will not be able to attend school, let alone pursue goals.
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