Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes

The film was clear in that a revolution in terms of how we live is required if we are to have any hope of long-term survival. The solution to so many of society’s woes (including how to deal with our waste) is for us to take the road less traveled; to finally agree to place life ahead of profits. This means a revolution in every aspect of our current existence.

VIDEO: follow link, below (52 minutes)

We need to plan for a world absent cheap sources of carbon-based energy. It’s just that simple. No more internal combustion engines, no more rampant human breeding, no more industrial farming, no more global economy, no more street lights, no more synthetic chemicals, no more mining; in short, no more living in excess of the carrying capacity of the environment. The sooner we stop denying reality and finally admit to our failings the sooner we can get to work accomplishing the multitude of tasks necessary to usher in a new world based on sustainability and justice.

We can’t keep applying band-aids to our problems. Its not fair to the environment nor ourselves. It’s time we wake up and deal with these things head on! Our current, […]

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