How to Become a Waterkeeper

Waterkeepers and Waterkeeper Affiliates are ordinary citizens from all walks of life, united in their belief that healthy environments and healthy communities go hand in hand. Waterkeeper organizations and Waterkeeper Affiliate partners are on the frontlines of the global water crisis, using the Waterkeeper advocacy model to stand up and fight for everyone’s right to clean water.

Waterkeeper Alliance supports Waterkeepers and Affiliates by acting as a conduit to the various benefits, tools, opportunities and more that are offered and/or available through Waterkeeper Alliance. Those include but are not limited to:

  • Waterkeeper Annual Conference
  • Waterkeeper Alliance advocacy campaigns
  • Community listservs
  • Fundraising and events
  • Legal and policy assistance and advice
  • Communications and media support
  • Waterkeeper Alliance Mentor Program
  • Professional development and training
  • Development and organizational support
  • Regional and issue-based coordination
  • Trademark and branding

There are two options to become part of Waterkeeper Alliance: you can become a Waterkeeper Organization or a Waterkeeper Affiliate. Each option comes with a unique set of benefits and support services offered to help you work on clean water issues in your community, and each option comes with a set of requirements you must […]

How to Become a Waterkeeper
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How to Become a Waterkeeper
You can become a Waterkeeper Organization or Waterkeeper Affiliate. Each comes with benefits & support services; each has a set of requirements. #water
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Waterkeeper Alliance
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