Flint water bottles become Genusee eyeglass frames

photo: founders of the company. Flint water bottles become Genusee eyeglass frames

In January 2016, Michigan native Ali VanOverbeke, 28, returned home from working as a designer for a clothing company in New York City to volunteer with the Red Cross to help with the Flint water crisis. Every day, she delivered cases and cases of bottled water.

“One of the first things that came to mind was, ‘What the heck is happening to all this plastic?’” after the bottles were empty,


Farmers drawing groundwater from Ogallala Aquifer faster than nature replaces it

drought map: Farmers are drawing groundwater from the giant Ogallala Aquifer faster than nature replaces it

Every summer the U.S. Central Plains go dry, leading farmers to tap into groundwater to irrigate sorghum, soy, cotton, wheat and corn and maintain large herds of cattle and hogs. As the heat rises, anxious irrigators gather to discuss whether and how they should adopt more stringent conservation measures.

They know that if they do not conserve, the Ogallala Aquifer, the source of their prosperity, will go dry.

The Ogallala, … [more…]

Renewable Energy Saves Water and Creates Jobs

photo: wind farm energy may save a lot of water. Renewable Energy Saves Water and Creates Jobs

Credit: David Hogan Getty Images

A common argument for expanding renewable energy sources is that technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines are responsible for far less carbon dioxide than power plants that burn fossil fuels. But two other powerful benefits should also be getting much more attention: the switch can save vast quantities of freshwater, and can create a large number of new, high-paying jobs.

Want proof? Let’s


SCOTUS: Upstream States to Reduce River Usage, Aid Downstream States in Drought

photo: low water exposes river banks. SCOTUS Says Upstream States Must Reduce River Usage To Aid Downstream States During Drought (Florida v. Georgia)

Markel Saez de Jauregui/Flickr (Public Domain)

NASA says droughts are becoming more common, and will continue to be. If that’s true, more lawsuits could follow.

In the U.S., states are taking each other to court over what constitutes fair use of rivers and tributaries. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in Florida v. Georgia, settling a long-running dispute over three river systems shared among Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The decision … [more…]