The water industry should be taken into public ownership

photo: tap with flowing water. The water industry should be taken into public ownership

The We Own It campaigners and their SplashMob supporters are to be congratulated on making waves today, on the 29th anniversary of water privatisation in England and Wales. Their protest in London kept the spotlight on the scandal that is England’s all-for-profit water and sewage industry.

Scottish and Welsh consumers can be forgiven for not travelling to join the mobilisation but, then, they are fortunate enough to live in the … [more…]

We Are the Carriers of Water

We Are the Carriers of Water

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A conversation with Maggie Sanders, the Executive Secretary for the Nisqually Department of Natural Resources, about the importance of storytelling, the transference of traditional ecological knowledge and how to reclaim your voice.

Maggie Sanders has a commanding presence. That thought emerges and crystallizes within a few seconds of meeting her. She gives me a rundown of the projects she’s currently tackling … [more…]

Water Conservation Garden & Ways To Become Wealthy

Water Conservation Garden & Ways To Become Wealthy

In the Southwest they use to say “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting…”, meaning water is a very precious resource. Always has been and always will be, just watch the classic movie “Chinatown.”

This has only become more and more true over time as populations and economies have grown. Needless to say, water rates are only going up from here as there is more and more pressure … [more…]

Labatt & Grand Traverse BAYKEEPER® to Promote Water Stewardship in Michigan

This summer, Labatt USA will release limited-edition “Loving Michigan” graphic cans of Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light, which feature popular summer water destinations in Michigan including Mackinac Island, Grand Haven State Park, Turnip Rock and Ambassador Bridge.

The partnership and investments align with Labatt USA’s triple bottom line approach. The beer company prioritizes people, planet and profit, which includes measuring, reducing and mitigating its impact on the environment and … [more…]

Nature is teaching … are we learning?

photo: landscape. Nature is teaching … are we learning?

The three major challenges in the water sector can be summed up as too little, too much or too dirty.

Water use over the last century has been growing by more than twice the rate of population increase. A central challenge for sustainable development is how to balance the competing uses of water; ensure that the needs of all are met – especially the poor and marginalised – and that … [more…]