Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean

video frame grab: "Nature Doesn't Need People" superimposed over ocean - narration by Harrison Ford

This short video features poetically beautiful images of the ocean and its changing faces. The video concludes by reminding us, “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Narrated by Harrison Ford.

Transcript with timecode:

0:04 I am the ocean.
0:06 I’m water.
0:08 I’m most of this planet.
0:11 I shaped it.
0:13 Every stream,
0:15 every cloud,
0:16 and every rain drop.
0:18 It all comes back to me.… [more…]

European Commission: Groundwater

Groundwater as a resource: groundwater constitutes the largest reservoir of freshwater in the world, accounting for over 97% of all freshwaters available on earth (excluding glaciers and ice caps). The remaining 3% is composed mainly of surface water (lakes, rivers, wetlands) and soil moisture.

Until recently, focus on groundwater mainly concerned its use as drinking water (e.g. about 75% of EU inhabitants depend on groundwater for their water supply). Groundwater … [more…]

Matt Damon Hopes His Daughters Will Give Back in a Charitable Way: ‘They Better!’

Matt Damon Hopes His Daughters Will Give Back in a Charitable Way: ‘They Better!’

Matt Damon is speaking out about a good cause — one that he, in fact, helped create. The father of four girls — he shares daughters Stella Zavala, 6, Gia Zavala, 8½, and Isabella, 10, with wife Luciana, as well as Luciana’s daughter Alexia — chatted with PEOPLE at “The Water Clouds by Stella Artois” Art Installation in N.Y.C. Wednesday about how his family impacts his investment in the clean-water


Saluting Women Water Warriors

Saluting Women Water Warriors

Kayapó women bathe their children in the waters of the Xingu. Photo by Glenn Switkes.

In many parts of the world, women and girls bear a large burden of the domestic work providing water to their families and communities – collecting and carting it from wells and tanks to do the washing, cooking, cleaning, watering of animals, and growing fruits and vegetables.

Yet when it comes to decision-making around water … [more…]