The dry facts — future drought indicators

The dry facts

“THOUSANDS have lived without love; not one without water,” observed W.H. Auden. He omitted to add that, as with love, many people have a strong moral aversion to paying for the life-sustaining liquid. Some feel that water is a right, and should therefore be free. Others lobby governments to subsidise its distribution to favoured groups. All this results in vast and preventable waste.

Water covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. … [more…]

Scientists Race To Help Hawaii Corals Survive

Bret Yager: Scientists Race To Help Hawaii Corals Survive

Her time in the underwater wasteland has gotten easier these days for coral research diver Lindsey Kramer. Stationed in Kailua-Kona — ground zero for the worst recorded coral bleaching in state history in 2014 to 2016 — Kramer wept when she first witnessed the trails of telltale mucus drifting from pillared colonies that were 500 years in the making.

Some 80 percent of cauliflower corals are dead off West Hawaii. … [more…]

How Water Gets From The Nile To Thirsty Refugees

photo of water cans: How Water Gets From The Nile To Thirsty Refugees

“Water was the biggest thing,” says journalist Tim McDonnell of the scene at the refugee settlement of Palorinya in northern Uganda. Since December, 146,000 South Sudanese have crossed the border, fleeing the violence of the civil war. And without enough water to drink, they would quite literally die.

He’d see them line up each day with their jerrycans to get the 15 liters of water for daily use. That’s a … [more…]