El Paso to drink treated sewage water due to climate change drought

photo: Rio Grande river. El Paso to drink treated sewage water due to climate change drought

Video: Sanjay Gupta assesses climate change impact 04:20 (CNN)

The people of El Paso, Texas, are resilient. Living in the middle of the harsh Chihuahuan Desert, the city has no other choice. On average, 15 days every year spike over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The city gets little relief with annual rainfall of just about 9 inches.

It’s one of the hottest cities in the country. One of its prime sources … [more…]

Keeping score on Earth’s Global Sea-Level Rise

NASA map of ocean salinity at the surface; among the contributing to global sea-level rise

A map of ocean salinity at the surface, one way scientists track the effects of shifting storms or melting ice. Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.

An international collaboration among dozens of scientists has come within less than a millimeter of attaining a long-sought goal: accounting for all the jostling, overlapping, and constantly changing contributions to global sea-level rise.

A just-published paper assembles virtually all the puzzle … [more…]

On the Chesapeake, A Precarious Future of Rising Seas and High Tides

photo: home being raised above estimated flood levels.

Mike Draper raised his house in southern Dorchester County seven feet to protect it from rising waters. PHOTO BY DAVE HARP

Maryland’s Dorchester County is ground zero for climate change on Chesapeake Bay, as rising seas claim more and more land. An e360 video explores the quiet beauty of this liquid landscape and how high tides and erosion are putting the bay’s rural communities at risk.

I’m making a film … [more…]

The Seafloor Is Dissolving Because of Climate Change

underwater photo: scuba diver and ocean floor

Carbon emissions are acidifying the ocean so quickly that the seafloor is disintegrating.

According to a new study, ocean acidification is setting off a dangerous feedback loop that’s dissolving the very bottom of the ocean.

According to a study published this week in PNAS, this sets off a feedback loop that acidifies the ocean even more quickly, a process that is already killing off foundational marine life species such as … [more…]

Study: Edible Crabs Won’t Cope With Effects of Climate Change on Seawater

photo: edible crabs on ice in display. New Study Finds Edible Crabs Won’t Cope With The Effects Of Climate Change On Seawater

We are only just beginning to learn how aquatic organisms will respond to climate change, and the effect that this will have on their communities and ecosystems. One way to find out more is to look at whether species will be able to compensate for changes in their environment. Particularly if they can survive any immediate fluctuations in temperature, and reductions in ocean pH brought about by increasing levels of