All about the humble water shrew

Water shrew

Photo: Water shrew Erni Shutterstock

The water shrew is well adapted to an aquatic lifestyle: they have a dark brown (almost black), waterproof coat of short fur, and ears (visible as white tufts) that can close in the water. A fringe of stiff silvery hairs runs the length of the underside of the tail, which they use as a rudder, and their hind feet have similar fringes. They can dive … [more…]

Chicago water pollution may be keeping invasive silver carp out of Great Lakes, study says

Chicago water pollution may be keeping invasive silver carp out of Great Lakes, study says

Photo: Great Lakes. Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Invasive silver carp have been moving north toward the Great Lakes since their accidental release in the 1970s. The large filter-feeding fish, which are known to jump from the water and wallop anglers, threaten aquatic food webs as well as the $7 billion Great Lakes fishery. But, for the past decade, the invading front hasn’t moved past Kankakee. A new study, led by … [more…]

Wichita’s new Pracht Wetlands Park is open to the public

photo: Pracht Wetlands Park in Wichita, Kansas - urban wetlands

Wichita’s newest public park is open and ready for visitors — sort of.

Pracht Wetlands Park, on 29th Street just east of Maize Road, had its official ribbon-cutting in late May, though the park is still technically a work in progress.

It hasn’t even been listed on the city’s Park and Recreation website yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t check it out now.

The 91-acre park, which has been … [more…]

Fourteen Drugs Found in New York City’s Drinking Water

Fourteen Drugs Found in New York City’s Drinking Water

Water samples taken from three upstate watersheds by New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) revealed 14 different drugs, and unspecified types personal care products in New York City’s drinking water.

The water samples were extracted between March and December of last year and analyzed for 72 compounds, including antibiotics and prescription drugs. DEP officials deny any risk, but Dr. Olga Naidenko, a scientist with a Washington, D.C. watchdog … [more…]

Trump plan to allow new fracking on California coast, Central Valley moves forward

photo: oil and gas exploitation on public lands in California.

Photo: Hydraulic fracturing is currently used on between 10 to 20 percent of all oil and gas wells on public lands in Central California managed by the Bureau of Land Management Bakersfield Field Office. COURTESY OF BLM, BAKERSFIELD FIELD OFFICE.

The Trump administration moved forward Thursday with its plan to open up federal land in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast to more oil and gas drilling, including fracking.

The … [more…]