Innovative Website: What’s Your Water Footprint?

ROWLAND HEIGHTS – Rowland Water District has launched an exciting, innovative website focused on providing customers with user-friendly information and resources related to water conservation. Interested consumers can visit to find the tools they need to monitor their ‘water footprint’ and most importantly, how to immediately change their water use behaviors. The launch of the online platform is just one component of a larger educational campaign that includes conservation-related … [more…]

What’s the beef with water?

photo: Jessica Brody of Denver Water

Photo: Jessica Brody, general counsel for Denver Water, has been a vegetarian since childhood. Not only do vegetables contribute to a healthy lifestyle, they have a relatively small water footprint. Photo credit: Denver Water.

Don’t have a cow man. Improve your wellness by reducing your water footprint.

Footprints can be seen in lots of places — in the sand, in the snow, on the moon, even in our water.

Wait, … [more…]

How to eat well — and save the planet

photo: face paint with words Save Water. How to eat well - and save the planet

Switching to a healthier diet can reduce an individual’s water footprint by as much as 55%.

According to new research, turning vegetarian has the biggest impact, but even cutting down on meat gives a saving of at least 10%.

Shifting to a healthy diet is a "win-win situation", say researchers.

Citizens will be healthier and their food can be produced using less of one of our most precious natural resources … [more…]