A Water-Smart Future Is Just Around the Block

A Water-Smart Future Is Just Around the Block

Many locations around the world are implementing inspirational projects to encourage the wise use of water while enhancing resilience to climate change and ensuring resource efficiency.

Harvesting stormwater runoff

The City of Santa Monica’s Los Amigos Park Storm Water Harvesting and Direct Use Demonstration Project involves capturing stormwater runoff from a storm drain near the park, pre-treating flows with a hydrodynamic separator, storing flows in a subsurface storage system, and … [more…]

The Watershed Game challenges, informs decision-makers

photo: The Watershed Game

Photo: Angie Hong, East Metro Water Resources Education Program, facilitates the Watershed Game aboard a St. Croix riverboat.

When Angie Hong is reaching out with water education in Washington County, it doesn’t matter if she’s talking to people who are conservative- or liberal-minded. “Everybody cares about water,” says Hong, who is with the East Metro Water Resources Education Program.

Hong would know. She has spent the last 12 years teaching … [more…]

EPA’s Own Data Refutes Justification for Clean Water Act Rollback

photo: hog farm, AKA pork facility, AKA pig farmers

A swine facility in Eastern North Carolina. Photo: Caitlin Penna for The Intercept

While Environmental Protection Agency Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler was introducing the new rule that will vastly scale back federal water protections, Matthew Starr was preparing to take water samples from the Neuse River.

Starr, one of two official keepers of the North Carolina river, already has a hard job. As a protector of the Neuse, a body … [more…]