Where’s The Fresh Water Going?

photo: hands cupped to catch clean water flowing out of a spigot

Freshwater Is Disappearing; Can Technology Save Us?

Fresh water is the most important resource for human life on earth.

People can survive far longer without food than without water, and virtually all of our food sources require fresh water to grow or create.

Anna Kucirkova wrote a good story abut this topic for IQSDirectory.com and was kind enough to share it with McCombs Supply.

At McCombs, an appliance parts business … [more…]

DC on the Water: 12 Ways to Embrace Washington’s Waterfronts

DC on the Water: 12 Ways to Embrace Washington's Waterfronts

Outdoor activities like boat tours, kayaks, paddleboarding and water fountains make a splash in Washington, DC. The District’s two rivers, the Potomac and the Anacostia, shine brightly once the warm weather of spring and summer settles on the city. Fortunately for visitors, there are plenty of ways to explore these DC waterfronts, with family-friendly outdoor activities that include being both on or beside the rivers. Many of these things to