Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s Message on Water

Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s Message on Water

The importance of water in the Lakota Tradition

Arvol Looking Horse is the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Great Sioux Nation. He is a leading voice in the preservation of sacred sites across the planet and founder of World Peace and Prayer Day which happens every year on June 21. Arvol was also very involved in calling forth awareness and international collaboration in … [more…]

She Saved a River. And a City.

photo: Fez, Morocco river before entering the city, and after.

The Fez River winds through the medina of Fez, Morocco — a maze-like medieval city that’s a World Heritage site. Once considered the “soul” of this celebrated city, the river succumbed to sewage and pollution, and in the 1950s was covered over bit by bit until nothing remained. TED Fellow Aziza Chaouni recounts her 20-year effort to restore this river to its former glory, and to transform her city in … [more…]