Coronavirus doesn’t jeopardize tap water, but it might be carried in raw sewage

Coronavirus doesn’t jeopardize tap water, but it might be carried in raw sewage

Brian Wright, 22, picks up bottled water out of a shopping cart while much of the bottled water has already been sold for the day at the Stater Bros. market in Rancho Cucamonga Monday afternoon March 16, 2020. Health, evnironmental and water officials say tap water is entirely safe from the new coronavirus because of mandatory treatment already in place. (Photo by Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG)

Bottled water … [more…]

Nancy Caruso: The ‘Kelp Lady’ Is Here To Help

Sometimes Nature Needs A Little TLC, The ‘Kelp Lady’ Is Here To Help

Photo: Close-up of an abalone shell underside. GETTY

Nancy Caruso inspired an army of ocean-lovers to jump in and get inspired to restore ocean ecosystems. She and her team of volunteer ocean advocates have rebuilt a decimated kelp forest in Orange county from the ground up, and they’re not stopping there. A shining example of one person who saw a problem, and cared enough to take it on, Caruso’s eyes … [more…]

Animation of Satellite Data Shows SoCal “Breathing” Water

Animation Based on Satellite Data Shows SoCal "Breathing" Water

Credit: Bryan Riel and Mark Simons

Using an unprecedented number of satellite radar images, geophysicists at Caltech have tracked how the ground in Southern California rises and falls as groundwater is pumped in and out of aquifers beneath the surface.

Their findings are presented in a study that tracks deformation of the earth’s surface over an 18-year period. The work can be used by water management districts to assess the … [more…]

7 Simple Tips to Make Your Yard an Ocean Friendly Garden

The warmth of summer has arrived! Thankfully, Orange County is blessed with postcard-perfect beaches for all our gneighbors to enjoy. Did you know that a California Friendly yard is also an Ocean Friendly yard? Every time you stop overwatering or use less fertilizer or pesticides on California Friendly yards, you are helping to reduce the amount of pollutants and bacteria entering our local waterways. By preventing this harmful runoff, you