New Zealand: Polluted Paradise

Video frame: New Zealand: Polluted Paradise

New Zealand’s pristine and abundant rivers and lakes have long been central to its proud reputation as a land of breath-taking natural beauty – and fundamental to a clean, green, outdoorsy brand that attracted millions of foreign visitors every year.

But are its waterways really as sparkling and bountiful as the tourist ads suggest?

In this two-part investigation, People and Power raises troubling questions about what can happen when a [more…]

Nitrates stored in rocks ‘nail in coffin’ for artificial fertilizers

photo: Manawatu Gorge - Nitrates stored in rocks 'nail in coffin' for artificial fertilizers

The Manawatu gorge. Photo: 123rf

A new report showing nitrates can accumulate in rocks then leach into waterways — leading to long-term pollution — is another nail in the coffin for artificial nitrate fertilisers, an academic says.

A paper published by researchers at the British Geological Survey has found vast quantities of nitrate across the globe stored in rocks above drinking water resources. The authors estimated up to 180 million … [more…]