What Nashville’s Metro Schools Isn’t Telling You About Lead In Water

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — There’s a lot that Metro Schools isn’t revealing in its Friday-night "news dump" about its testing for lead in school water. After NewsChannel 5 Investigates first raised questions about the issue back in June, Metro Schools announced that they would test every drinking water source in every one of their buildings before the start of the new year.

Even though we began asking about the latest results


What About Lead?

What About Lead?

Since 2014, and the crisis that rocked the community of Flint, Mich., lead in drinking water has been a topic thrust into the headlines and the minds of millions of Americans. Due to the introduction of highly acidic water from the Flint River and insufficient water-treatment techniques, children who consumed this lead-tainted water had 46 percent higher blood lead levels than children in nearby Detroit. It has been estimated roughly … [more…]

Walking in Memphis — Above a Coal Ash Cesspool

photo: Memphis - Feet Above a Coal Ash Cesspool

The groundwater beneath the Tennessee Valley Authority’s coal-fired Allen Fossil Plant in southwest Memphis — only two miles from the city’s drinking water supply — is contaminated with dangerously high amounts of arsenic and lead.

Memphis residents now have another reason to sing the blues. Last week, the nation’s largest public utility, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), admitted that the groundwater beneath its Allen coal-burning power plant is poisoned with astronomically


No One Has the Data to Prevent the Next Flint

photo: No One Has the Data to Prevent the Next Flint


You have no real way of knowing if your town, your family, or your children face the kind of water contamination that exposed everyone in Flint, Michigan, to lead poisoning. Not because Flint is an outlier — it may, in fact, be the norm — but because no one has enough data to say for sure.

Five state and local officials in Flint face involuntary manslaughter charges … [more…]

Flint Water Crisis

As bad as things are in Flint, Michigan – and they are REALLY BAD – in the past couple of weeks, they’ve gotten far, far worse. With the state of Michigan no longer subsidizing the city residents’ water bills having declared the water there now “safe” (it’s not), the city has now started charging residents again.

photo: Flint Water Crisis

Anyone who listened to our podcast interview with Flint activist Melissa Mays knows that … [more…]