“They lied to us” about contaminated groundwater, say residents near Ford’s Livonia plant

photo: Monica O'Connor and Bruce Tenniswood.

Photo: Monica O’Connor and Bruce Tenniswood on the porch of her Alden Village home. Credit: Tracy Samilton / Michigan Radio

Two years ago, residents of Alden Village, a small subdivision directly east of Ford Motor Company’s Livonia Transmission, got a letter from the automaker.

It was not good news.

A plume of groundwater contaminated with vinyl chloride and trichlorethylene — both known carcinogens — had moved off plant property, and … [more…]

South Dakota waterways: dumping grounds for human, industrial, ag wastes

Rivers at Risk: South Dakota waterways serve as dumping grounds for human, industrial, ag wastes

(Photo: Bart Pfankuch / SD News Watch)

From a riverbank or roadside, South Dakota’s waterways appear placid and picturesque.

The tree-lined Big Sioux River meanders smoothly and silently along the state’s eastern border. The mighty Missouri rolls below cliffs and ridges on a curvy path through the center of the state. Rapid Creek glistens with crystal clear water as it flows out of the Black Hills through Rapid City and … [more…]