Lead crisis in Newark leads to distribution of bottled water…

Lead crisis in Newark leads to distribution of bottled water, after filters fail to safeguard homes with old pipes

…after filters fail to safeguard homes with old pipes

Responding to reports that filters are not protecting residents from elevated lead levels in their drinking water, Newark officials on Sunday said they will distribute bottled water to households with old lead pipes after federal officials urged the city to take action “as soon as possible.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued its recommendation to Newark in a letter Friday, in … [more…]

Membrane technology to address excess water problem on Washington dairy

photo: water filtration clears manure ponds, saves water

“We really don’t have a nutrient problem; we have a water problem,” states Galen Smith, partner and general manager of Coldstream Farm LLC in Deming, Washington.

With their new 50-stall rotary parlor that has the capacity to milk 2,200 cows three times a day, Smith says their goal is to maximize the use of this new facility. Results from a recent collaboration to remove water from manure look favorable to … [more…]

World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2nd

photo: Kermit sings for World Wetlands Day

Everyone should be commemorating World Wetland’s Day on Feb. 2nd, they are indispensable to a healthy environment!

The reasons for preserving our wetlands are endless but here are some of the most critical: wetlands provide a vital habitat for thousands of animals, fish, birds and plants. Wetlands control erosion and provide flood protection by buffering shorelines during storms; wetlands improve water quality; and wetlands offer a unique aesthetic and recreational … [more…]

Working for our wetlands

Working for our wetlands

Wetlands – including lakes, lagoons, bogs and peatlands, as well as swamps and marshes – are regions that experience seasonal or perennial flooding. They generally host a range of plants and animals, and are vital to the survival of these species. However, they are also fragile ecosystems that require monitoring and maintenance to prevent their loss. In the context of World Wetlands Day, celebrated every year on 2 February, let’s … [more…]

$3 billion problem: Miami-Dade’s septic tanks are already failing due to sea rise

photo: 2016 king tides in Miami-Dade County

Photo: A Miami-Dade neighborhood that relies on septic tanks experiences flooding during the 2016 King Tide. A new report commissioned by the county shows that half of the county’s septic tanks break down yearly, a problem that sea level rise will worsen. MIAMI-DADE COUNTY

Miami-Dade has tens of thousands of septic tanks, and a new report reveals most are already malfunctioning — the smelly and unhealthy evidence of which often … [more…]