Simple River-Cleaning Tactics That Big Farms Ignore

photo: corn fields - The Simple River-Cleaning Tactics That Big Farms Ignore

Iowa is the largest corn producer in the U.S.—and the second largest producer of nitrate pollution in the Mississippi River Basin. Photograph by Amy Toensing, National Geographic Creative. By Elizabeth Royte. Photographs by Dennis Chamberlin PUBLISHED December 7, 2017. This story was produced in collaboration with the Food & Environment Reporting Network, a nonprofit investigative news organization.

Des Moines, Iowa — Ione Cleverley wasn’t eager to break up with her … [more…]

Nitrates stored in rocks ‘nail in coffin’ for artificial fertilizers

photo: Manawatu Gorge - Nitrates stored in rocks 'nail in coffin' for artificial fertilizers

The Manawatu gorge. Photo: 123rf

A new report showing nitrates can accumulate in rocks then leach into waterways — leading to long-term pollution — is another nail in the coffin for artificial nitrate fertilisers, an academic says.

A paper published by researchers at the British Geological Survey has found vast quantities of nitrate across the globe stored in rocks above drinking water resources. The authors estimated up to 180 million … [more…]

Phosphate giant Mosaic agrees to pay nearly $2 billion over mishandling of hazardous waste

Mosaic Fertilizer, the world’s largest phosphate mining company, has agreed to pay nearly $2 billion to settle a federal lawsuit over hazardous waste and to clean up operations at six Florida sites and two in Louisiana, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday.

"The 60 billion pounds of hazardous waste addressed in this case is the largest amount ever covered by a federal or state . . . settlement and will