First Clip: Ellen Page’s New Documentary About Environmental Racism

Watch the First Clip From Ellen Page's New Documentary About Environmental Racism

In There’s Something In the Water, a new documentary premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, co-directors and producers Ellen Page and Ian Daniel introduce viewers to several women who are taking a stand against environmental racism in Page’s home province of Nova Scotia, Canada. In a first clip from the movie, above, we meet one such woman, Michelle Francis-Denny.

The granddaughter of a former Pictou Landing … [more…]

A sewage spill polluted oyster beds in South Carolina town

photo: sewage spill contaminated oyster beds in South Carolina

Photo: John Forsyth (left) and Tim White with the Dorchester County Water & Sewer Department prepare to use a VacTruck to clean grease and other waste from Lift Station 117 in Hollywood on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. File/Brad Nettles/Staff

Some residents worry about the fix.

Negotiations are moving forward on a plan to help the small town of Hollywood’s beleaguered sewer system, but some tensions are already appearing.

The plan, … [more…]

Human Medicine Loading River Creatures With Dozens of Drugs

photo: spider and web near water supply. Human Medicine Use Loading Up River Creatures With Dozens of Different Drugs

Spiders, such as the one pictured here, are found in riparian environments all over the world. They build their webs over streams and catch aquatic insects as they emerge from the water. Pharmaceuticals in the insects spread to the spiders and other organisms on land. Photo: Stephen Hamilton

Medicines do an excellent job of increasing the quality of life for humans around the world, but the drugs don’t stay with


Understanding chemical byproducts formed during water treatment

photo: Break it down: Understanding the formation of chemical byproducts during water treatment

IMAGE: During flash flooding, water treatment systems can become overwhelmed, allowing untreated effluent and household chemicals to flow into local waterways.

Synthetical chemicals are ever-present in modern life — in our medications, cosmetics and clothing — but what happens to them when they enter our municipal water supplies? Because these chemicals are out-of-sight, out-of-mind, we assume they cannot harm us after we flush them down the sink.

However, most water … [more…]

Kingman is finding ways to reuse treated water

The City of Kingman’s water treatment facilities already reuse solid waste for compost and are looking for a way to recycle the liquid waste, too. Water is a dwindling resource for the ever-exploding desert population, and it’s time to find a way to make the best of what we have.

photo: irrigation for desert agriculture - Kingman is finding ways to reuse treated water

The same system that separates solids at the Hilltop Wastewater Treatment Plant also produces daily approximately 1.6 million gallons of … [more…]