Drought-declaration judgment day in Arizona

Drought-declaration judgment day

Weather-wise, it is one of the most anticipated events of the fall season. Will they? Or… won’t they? Will the Governor’s Drought Interagency Coordinating Group recommend to Governor Ducey that he add the approaching “water year” to the State’s lengthy string of official drought years? Or will the panel recommend that the official dry spell designation end in Arizona, thus following in the footsteps of California, where that state’s drought


Who controls the water? Arizona agencies slug it out

photo: Hoover Dam forms Lake Mead. Who controls the water? Arizona agencies slug it out

The Hoover Dam holds back water on the Colorado River to form Lake Mead, an important supply of water to Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Photo: Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times 2015

The turf war pits the Arizona Department of Water Resources, which manages water issues statewide, against the agency operating the Central Arizona Project, the 336-mile-long canal that brings Colorado River water to Tucson and Phoenix. The proceedings are