Fourteen Drugs Found in New York City’s Drinking Water

Fourteen Drugs Found in New York City’s Drinking Water

Water samples taken from three upstate watersheds by New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) revealed 14 different drugs, and unspecified types personal care products in New York City’s drinking water.

The water samples were extracted between March and December of last year and analyzed for 72 compounds, including antibiotics and prescription drugs. DEP officials deny any risk, but Dr. Olga Naidenko, a scientist with a Washington, D.C. watchdog … [more…]

What is an ‘impaired’ waterway and why are so many in Pennsylvania?

What is an ‘impaired’ waterway and why are there so many of them in Pennsylvania?

Photo: Pennsylvania’s “Category 5” streams include the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers and many creeks, such as the Yellow Breeches in Cumberland County.

More than a third of Pennsylvania’s lakes and a fifth of its streams are impaired, meaning that pollution has (or should have, anyway) hindered their use for drinking water supplies, fishing, recreation or the aquatic life that call the waterways home.

Perhaps the best illustration of the scale … [more…]

Smart Water Policies to Achieve Urban Water Security


Traditionally, urban water managers have relied on large-scale, supply-side infrastructural projects to meet increased demands for water. This supply-side approach is under increasing pressure from a variety of mega-trends. To enhance urban water security, water managers are turning toward demand-side management.

By Robert C. Brears

Traditionally, urban water managers, faced with increasing demand for water alongside varying levels of supplies, have relied on large-scale, supply-side infrastructural projects, such … [more…]

Mountain Valley Pipeline cited 5th time by state for violations

Mountain Valley Pipeline cited 5th time by state regulators for violations

Photo: Sediment-laden water fills the Meathouse Fork tributary.

For the fifth time since April, state regulators are citing the Mountain Valley Pipeline for water quality violations along the project’s construction route in West Virginia. The notice of violation was issued by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection after inspectors visited construction sites in Doddridge and Harrison counties.

The violation notice is for construction in Doddridge. The inspection report and … [more…]

Environmental Groups Sue Newark Over Lead in Drinking Water

Environmental Groups Sue Newark over Lead in Drinking Water

Photo by Gabriel Rocha/Flickr

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Newark Education Workers Caucus have taken the city of Newark, New Jersey, to court over elevated levels of lead in the city’s drinking water. The NRDC and NEW Caucus allege that city officials have failed to implement adequate water quality and treatment systems to prevent lead from getting into drinking water and that the city is failing to comply with … [more…]